I’ve reached that time in my life when my daughter is an adult, I have retired from my career, and I can turn now to a task that has intrigued and challenged me for some time.  I am announcing my candidacy for Montana’s state legislature in House District 8 (the election is in November 2014).*

Voters are telling me they are tired of the bitterness and divisiveness in our current political climate.  I believe it can be different.  I believe that we need good government; that government exists to serve the people; and that representatives in partnership with the voters who elected them can work together to negotiate solutions to our challenges, forging a legacy that we’ll all be proud to pass on to our children and grandchildren.

I am running because I want to be part of those solutions and can bring to the table skills and values honed during a career in business and in volunteer board leadership.  I believe good government is transparent and accountable to citizens, and I want to keep voters informed of the issues and legislative actions that affect us all.

If elected I will evaluate legislation based on how it will improve people’s lives; create opportunities for local business, local industry, and local agriculture; and protect our privacy and all the other rights granted to us by our Montana Constitution.

* House District 8 is next door to the core area of Kalispell, to the west and south.  It runs from Four Mile Drive at the north end down to where the bypass leaves Hwy 93 at the south end.   District Map